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This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.

If I have a terrible nightmare and I try to forget it as soon as I wake up because it was so traumatic, it is likely it will recur because I am not using the dream material to learn and grow. Nightmares are rarely prescriptive, meaning they are not signs that something bad will happen.

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We look forward to finding an explanation. Did you find the answer to your dream questions? He put his hand out, stopping me from running. For more on dream analysis, check out this article , where Sumber offers additional insight. Book Description -.

On the other hand, nightmares exist to shake us up so that we spring into action by confronting the root fear, addressing the anxiety, or finding a good therapist. Nightmares are a call to action. Why is that our dreams rarely follow a logical pattern e. Most of us do not think in linear patterns.

So, by that measure, if I am overweight and I can reduce excess body fat through diet and exercise, then I will automatically assume a rigorous detail of diet and exercise, correct? Not often the case! This is largely due to the fact that the vast majority of humans think in abstract ways through nonlinear cycles. We like to believe we are logical beings; however, we spend most of our waking hours moving in illogical patterns. Therefore, our dreams are a reflection of this unconscious splatter of thoughts and actions.

If you can control everything you do, say and think during your waking life then you have a great shot at controlling your dreams. There are, however, a number of people who have the ability to influence their dreams. I can focus my thoughts and intentions surrounding my sleep to inject my consciousness with particular thoughts and ideas and therefore imprint my unconscious mind.

We can typically return to a favorable or curious dream from the past by lying in bed before sleep and replaying as much of the old dream as we remember. The key in this process, however, is to identify oneself with the feeling of the former dream and fall into a similar place before falling into sleep. Most of us dream every night and most of us dream throughout our various sleep cycles; however, researchers have suggested that the most vivid and memorable dreams occur during the REM cycle.

This death dream is more about our overall anxiety and confusion about death and less to do with any reality about dreaming. Always pay attention to how you are feeling before, during and after a significant dream. Also, take careful note of who are the main figures in a dream and ask yourself what your relationship with these figures are in the dream and outside of the dream. Be careful when relying on dream books to interpret your own dreams as there are many misconceptions to be had with regard to the collective unconscious.

For more on dream analysis, check out this article , where Sumber offers additional insight. She blogs regularly about body and self-image issues on her own blog, Weightless , and about creativity on her second blog Make a Mess. We were in the middle of a conversation, when all of the sudden I looked up and saw a massive wave coming towards us.

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It was so big, it was as tall as a skyscraper. I've never seen a tsunami before, but I just knew that's what it was. What happened next doesn't really make sense, but the wave came crashing down and we somehow survived it. The water became calm again, but the sky remained kind of dark.

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I was feeling really scared, but relieved that I still had my sister next to me. We could tell from where we were on the water that the beach was a wreck. Then, out of nowhere, a black mass that kind of looks like ink came towards us. It was swimming like an animal, kind of like how snake moves, but I was sure it wasn't a living thing. It swam towards the man first, and as soon as it got to him, he disappeared. Just the board remained. It came for my sister next and within seconds, she was also gone. At this point, the dream is a full-on nightmare and I swam back to the shore as fast as I can.

When I got there, I was frantically looking for my sister and asking people if they'd seen her anywhere. No one really knew what I was talking about, and they were so focused on their own survival that they barely listened to me.

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It was only a few minutes after I woke up that I remembered it wasn't my dad in the dream, but an unknown man. Dang, this is an incredibly intense one, and in many ways a classic anxiety dream. In traditional dream interpretation, large waves or tsunamis represent emotional turmoil or the bottling up of some sort of major feeling or fear. If you believe in Christianity, then you know that god and angels can be in multiple places at the same time.

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People believe that he visits dreams to keep nightmares away. But this theory was broken by the next theory. This theory is that people think he brings nightmares and reeks havoc onto the dreamers he visits.

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Many people have reported being chased or attacked by him. This theory is in the middle of both of the previous ones. In this, it is believed that he just visits dreams, to simply watch the dreamer and not get in the way. And people have seen him such as in the corner of their room, or far away, watching from a distance. Now, someone started a website for people who have seen him, here is a bit from an interview that someone did asking the website owner about him:.

In many of the accounts of his interactions with people, This Man seems passive, like his presence alone is stronger than anything he could say or do. And yet that inactivity, the repeating appearance, seems somehow active in itself, violent even.

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Throughout the reports you've received, have you heard of any examples of concrete actions taken by This Man? The first one concerns typical nightmares where This Man scares, chases, kidnaps, and sometimes kills the dreamer. The second category is totally different. Here, This Man is friendly, he just stares at the dreamer sometimes helping him in such a way. It seems like a gnostic struggle between evil and good but it could also be a complementarity, as Yin and Yang.

Shane Dawson, popular youtuber, has also made a YouTube video where he talks about this man. You can watch the video here:. So, what did you think? Have you seen this man? Do you think it's fake? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading, bye! I hope meeting him in my dream then I wanna ask him"what exactly are you?

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