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Thanks for the chance at your generous giveaway! Over the last year and a half, I9 have learned a lot about cooking gluten free.

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Really, a lot of recipes are hit or miss. We are a Gluten Free household and we have our 4 year old daughter to thank! There are a lot of great gluten free recipes and some that are just mediocre. The hardest thing for me to give up has been bread items bread, buns, scones, donuts though. Any recipe that tastes great and can help a child lead as normal life as possible while gluten-free is amazing in my book! They were both good though. My dad is celiac and my mom has become a great GF baker over the last 25 years. My husband has celiac disease, and he has finally given up ever finding a good bread substitute.

It would be a miracle to find a gluten-free bread recipe that I could make with good results and that he actually liked. Baking gf for me has been pretty mediocre, especially breads. I have been anticipating this book for months in hopes that my favorite gf food blogger can guide me in her ways!

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That is exactly the logic that this article is missing. Transglutaminase is an enzyme that modifies every protein we make in our body. Won some money at the time, but definitely lost in the long term. Why would I consider it a burden? So funny, I was also thinking about how to fit my weekly, Sunday arepa breakfast into this diet :. This gmo bacteria in the plants can not be killed, as far as we know…so..

We have a GF daughter. We have found that baking GF can be tough! Hi Mel, I plan to try this recipe. Can you tell me where to find the whey isolate and expandex tapioca starch? A health food store? I gave on on making GF bread many years ago, but this recipe is worth a try. Some were winners and some were gross! I gave up on GF recipes after a couple of fails. I would love to give it another try with better recipes.

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I used to buy GF flour mixes, but now I mostly use a brown rice, potato starch and tapioca starch mix for recipes calling for all purpose gf flour. It works pretty well.

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Other than that, I also use a lot of almond flour. I had become quite skilled a baking, then came the gluten issues, I tried so hard to make the transition but so far nearly every attempt has been an epic fail. I went GF just over a year ago to minimize the effects of my thyroid disease. I always have a hard time finding gluten free recipes that I like, or would want to eat.

I have high hopes for this cookbook! Honestly, I have never tried baking gluten free.

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It seems a little scary! I am going to try this recipe! My husband just found out he is celiac and just trying to fix his food has rocked my whole world after 28 years I am having to start all over again. The thing I have had the hardest time with are the breads they all have horrible texture and taste so I would really appreciate this book!!!! So far I have not tried yeast baking gluten-free.

The brownies turn out best; the cookies, regardless of whether I use butter or coconut oil, have refused to spread. Tasty but not the texture I was looking for but the consumers are well pleased. The banana bread recipes have been spotty — again, personal preference as to texture. I love being able to bake, and everything comes out edible if not beautiful. Thanks, Nicole, for being my stepping stone into gluten-free — 18 months and counting!

Have only tried a recipe or two, but very interested in trying more. Wondering if it would help with my auto immune issues. However, we do have friends with gluten allergies and sensitivities. We try to have friends over often and I always feel limited in what I can offer them.

My experience with GF baking has been mostly good!

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I even had a GF, low-carb, sugar-free bakery on Etsy. I tried to bake some of the breads and they always came out horrible. And, luckily, he is not gluten intolerant. I am on a new healthy food quest on a meager budget and am constantly looking for recipes to help me. It would be such a boon to have this cookbook to draw inspiration from. My husband has several siblings that are GF — Gluten Free. At one point they thought he would be too. I started to bake some breads from recipes that I found, but they were really horrible.

My husband, luckily, does not have to be GF like his sisters. I have never had good results making bread with gluten free flours. The results were always dry and dense. I would love to try new recipes that have proven successful. Soooo good! However, my sister recently found out she has a gluten allergy.

I would love to be able to give her this cookbook!!! At first it was quite the learning curve and I was very intimidated by gluten free cooking! Bread is the one caveat though. We usually just make bread from a mix because you can count on the results. If I can get a recipe from a trusted source, like here, I am usually so glad I tried it as way to introduce a new food or bring back an old favorite to my celiac family! Love to win this book. I was wondering what I was going to do with the upcoming holidays and the absence of my beloved rolls.

My son is dating a women with 2 boys that are gluten free. I have made a few desserts with good success. Would love trying gluten free bread — I love to bake bread, especially now that the cold weather has arrived. Yay for gluten-free homemade options! A good recipe makes all the difference! BTW, your decadent chocolate cake was the 1st dessert I made after going gf with huge success…love your recipes!!!

One of my favorite gluten-free things to make is Brazilian cheese breads — made with tapioca flour, so addicting! My husband needs to eat gluten free so I have dabbled in cooking it a little, but whenever it comes to bread he turns his nose up. It would be nice to be able to cook something that he likes.

Keep Your Hands Off My Gluten-Free Kid

Need to try this recipe to see if it can pass the test! Very dry and sometimes mealy depending on the flour combo I used. My niece has been diagnosed with celiac as well as several other things. I would like to give this to her. She is feeling a little discouraged.

Just made my GF chocolate birthday cake from that book yesterday and everyone thought it was good, not just my gluten free family. I recently found out I have to eat GF.

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I have struggled with my weight my whole life! I recently met someone who changed all that. She let me to some fabulous products and helped me cut out the things that were keeping me from ultimately being a healthy body weight.