Improve your sales: Use these 5 steps to sell

Boost your revenues with effective after sales follow-up
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The basic principles are what matter and like the top sports people, the high performers in sales are successful because they understand and put into practice, the basic skills. As you browse through the list, think about how you implement these on a regular basis and make yourself an action plan. And if you fancy receiving sales questions to help you further then please click here! Sean McPheat is the founder and Managing Director of international sales training firm Sean McPheat.

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What makes a successful salesperson? But the fact is, hashtags are the biggest way to make an impact with your organic Instagram campaigns. When you get smart with hashtags, both of those numbers will skyrocket. The actual process is quite simple.

7 Simple Ways to Drive Sales on Social Media (With Examples)

When you use that hashtag in your post, you add your post to the Discover queue. You want to use a combination of hashtags that have both high posting volume and comparatively lower posting volume. Settle on a unique messaging flavor one that is distinct from your other platforms and use a tool like Hootsuite or Sprout Social to set your organic social schedule weeks in advance, leveraging Instagram Insights to schedule posts at peak hours.

Instagram is a great place to be playful and highlight the personality behind your brand while showcasing thumb-stopping product creative. Another thing I hear a lot of: I have a very slim budget and want to make the most of it. If you execute effectively, you will get more for your money running low-budget paid Instagram campaigns than you will creating and running organic campaigns. Run your ads in concert with Facebook ads, or edit your placements to only run them on Instagram.

Selling Techniques That Create Value

But take the time to set up your campaigns in Ads Manager. You can use the traffic and engagement you accrue from these campaigns in concert with RLSAs to convert prospects in Search later on; or, as I mentioned, you can use them to create remarketing lists within Ads Manager and run conversion campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram shopping is dope. Wrong answers will damage your reputation. Offer to do some research and get back to them. The more you answer questions correctly , the more people will trust you. Produce valuable content regularly: There is no shortcut to content creation. You either do it yourself or outsource it to a knowledgeable freelance writer. Always publish new content that helps people achieve their goals more easily. Your credibility level will increase.

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Instead, focus on creating custom content that will be relevant to your audience and in sync with your goal. Offer to solve relevant problems: If you have unique skills, you can offer to solve relevant problems for your target audience. Build relationships: We all need to treat others fairly — to recognize their inherent worth and respect them. Instead, now and again, help people for free.

Brenton Hayden recommends that you follow a few specific strategies if you want to up your credibility:. An estimated , products are launched each year. You can also build credibility by showcasing customer success stories. The best approach to appeal to their cognitive functions is to show that your product really works. Drew Manning, founder of Fit2Fat2Fit, knows how to showcase real-life results. He discovered that most people who sell fitness programs and products are athletic, fit people who have never been overweight.

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How can they possibly understand the human brain functions behind the struggles that overweight people endure and what that feels like? Drew Manning did things differently. He spent 6 months gaining over 70 lbs. He then spent another 6 months taking the weight off. This transformation was a source of confidence to potential customers.

Your customers are your best salespeople. But, before they can recommend your product to other prospects, you need to make up your mind to give and give. According to the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center , there is a way to sell that is rewarding, positive and even enjoyable. When you first establish a relationship with prospects, it affect their neural development and becomes easier to sell to them.

The best salespeople are the best givers. Creating relationships that drive sales is critical to your business. Does it cause more happiness and fulfilment? Or is the connection between happiness and giving just a happy accident? To sell more products, give more value for free. According to Dunn and Norton, a study on happiness shows that the most satisfying way to use money is to invest in others. This might explain why so many people donate to charities who work in developing countries.

7 Effective Principles That’ll Skyrocket Your Sales (Backed by Neuroscience)

Both billionaires give quite a bit to the world. Yet, here they willingly moved themselves down from being billionaires to millionaires. Heartfelt giving brings more into your life and your business. Successful internet marketers who generated 6 or 7 figure incomes when they launched their products online followed this strategy. They first started by giving tremendous value, well before selling.

Create high-quality content consistently. Giving promotes cooperation, positive human behavior and social connection. Even though his online course is closed, he still sells — by requesting that you join the waiting list. By the time the course re-opens again in , subscribers who joined the waiting list will be desperate for the online course.

The majority of them will eagerly enroll. In other words, stop pushing your products to the target audience. Instead, push high-value content. Answer questions and show the results of your services or products. One company that sells its products quite successfully without sounding too salesy is BlendTec. What he does is show the results. Instead, educate more. Become a teacher. Become passionate about helping other people.

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When he started teaching, instead of selling, he turned his blog into a multi-million dollar software business. Visual marketing is another way to sell more. Communicating in that format will help them retain your message and respond the way you want them to. When someone is telling you about a product and uses a lot of visuals to explain how it works, you naturally understand more due to your cognitive neuroscience.

The fact that he or she knows about the product builds trust in you. Selling is not as difficult as most people think.