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Tune in every morning from 4am to 8am. The A. Brian Ashcraft. Filed to: Fakes. And then they had to cut Rice loose, and seek more damage control. And then the Adrian Peterson thing happened, and the NFL and the Vikings misplayed that, before reacting in such a way as to minimize the outcry by deactivating Peterson indefinitely. The bad thing about the Peterson situation, to me, is that it's a missed opportunity for society. It could spark a useful conversation in this country.

It's Been Fun

There's no useful debate to be had on whether you should beat your wife, but there is one to be had on what's appropriate in terms of disciplining a child. The jury is nowhere near in on that one, in general, even if it's pretty clear that Peterson's specific behavior was abhorrent and over what most people would consider to be the borderline. But the NFL, only caring about damage control, shut the whole thing down.

They act in nobody's interest but their own, and then tell you that they're all about the fan. They cover up a crime, and underpenalize it, and then tell you that they want to be part of the solutions that society needs. Honor is in the dollar, kid. The NFL, which is made up of 32 very rich men, cares nothing about anything else. The jury has been in on that one. I don't object to people making money, of course; I'm just not interested in helping them make it anymore. I've been writing for this site, and my past sites, as a Broncos fan, but my hard work has had the effect of being a fan of the money guys getting rich.

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Similar to "it's been real" but more direct in definition. I have to go now "it's been fun" I really enjoyed your party, but I really have to get going, maybe we can do. It's very simple to avoid this common grammar mistake. Use it's for it is or it It's been a lot of fun making this first grammar podcast for you. I hope you'll find it.

Everybody who ever enjoyed football more because I explained something to them went on to give their money to these horrible and dishonest oligarchs. I've never made one dollar writing about football, not one. In fact, I've probably spent over five grand doing it over the years, between subscription fees and other costs. A lot of football writers have made a big deal about considering the ethics of their work over the last couple of weeks.

Posted on 12. Dec 2018

I haven't actually seen anybody quit over it, once their soul-searching article was posted. It's harder for most of them than it is for me, because this isn't how I make my living, and because I have knowledge, skills, and abilities in other areas of life. What's a guy like Peter King going to do if he decides to stop lapdogging for Roger Goodell? What else could a guy like him possibly do? This has basically been a hobby for me, so the only thing that makes it hard to walk away for me is loyalty to the other four guys here, and to the readers who've been with me for a long time.

That's what kept me in the box the other three or four times I tried to quit.

Alas, this time though, it's not really that hard. Continuing to do this will make me feel like a horrible person. I paid for Sunday Ticket this year, whether I feel like using it or not. I still like to root for the players in orange and blue, and for the most part, I think they're worthy of it.

I watched the Seattle game last week, though, and I didn't get very excited about it. That's not a great sign. The real test will be what I do if they make the Super Bowl this year, because it's happening three hours from my house, and I've been planning to go. That will be my own private deal, I guess. I need to get centered within my own ethical framework, and it's just unclear what that means yet.

I do know that I won't be contributing to the money vortex any longer, at least in the form of pulling readers into it. My leaving is deeply personal, and it carries with it no judgment of anybody who decides to proceed in a direction that's different from my own. It will not include any football writing, unless I feel like taking a shot at the NFL.

I'll write about other stuff, maybe management and accounting, maybe politics, maybe just general thoughts, as I have time and interest. Check it out if you feel like it as time goes on.

In closing, I just want to exit out the side door in quiet, unobtrusive fashion. As I said, I didn't even really want to write this article. I don't want to make a statement, really, I just have to do the right thing for myself. Things are as they are, and people must find ways to align themselves optimally in environments which they don't control.

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Be well, friends. That's what I'll be working on too. I get my information from my eyes. Thank you Ted I'm going to miss your columns on the Broncos and other subjects. That being said I don't think I'll be following your blog if it deals with accounting. I feel that the accounting game has gotten away from the days when it was about the pure love of numbers.

I just don't like the direction It is taking over the last few years. Best of luck, brother. You've been a great read since MHR, one of my favorites on these interwebs. I had a great post IMO yesterday that somehow didn't get posted.

002 – Its vs. it’s – Common English Grammar Mistakes

Probably author error. Anyway - thanks for your great reads, Ted. Best wishes to you as you ride off into the Arizona Sunset Ted, I've been a big fan of how you've evolved over the past few years, and how you look at things. Thanks for your excellent writing here, and I'll be following along over at your new site. Sorry to see you go, Ted, but I totally get it. I've reached the exact same point with the NCAA. I have always loved college football and basketball. Some of the best memories in my life have come from being caught up in the excitement and fervor of a title run. I attended the University of Florida; we had quite a few of them.

Those are precious memories that I would never give up for anything. Still, as I learned more, I grew more and more disillusioned with the NCAA and its bullshit "amateurism" nonsense, until eventually I could no longer live with continuing to support the entire corrupt industry. So I quit. I haven't seen an NCAA football or basketball game in three years. I literally don't even know what Florida's record is this year. I hear some things in passing on Twitter or the news sites, so I know they reached the Final Four last year. Not watching that game was hard, but ultimately I knew that the tipsy adrenaline-filled tournament high would fade, but my disapproval of the league would remain.

My boycott actually places me in a pretty bizarre situation, since I get paid to write about fantasy football, and more specifically about dynasty leagues.


I'm not getting rich at it or anything, but when my son was born I quit my job so I could be the primary caregiver, and the extra income certainly helps justify that decision not that it really needed any more justification. The big event every year in dynasty leagues is the rookie draft, and my advice to all inquiries leading up to it ultimately boils down to "I don't know, I haven't watched a college football game in three years, but here's a list of some smart people who might be able to help you.

So far it's worked out, and I have felt a lot better about myself knowing that I took a stand even though it was inconvenient. Would I ever boycott the NFL? I don't know.

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Anything is possible. Some of the stuff going down is pretty sociopathic.

The purpose of life is to live

But then, as has been noted, it's not especially sociopathic. It's garden-variety "major corporation sociopathic". That's some seriously, seriously messed up bullshit. Food companies are in an arms race to see who can scientifically engineer the most addictive food, and nutritive value was the first casualty in the endeavor.

Hollywood gave an Oscar to a man who rape-raped a year-old girl and then fled to a non-extradition country. And they even had the gall to express regret that he couldn't come claim the award in person because, I mean, he'd had to spend the last 37 years living a life of luxury in France. Hadn't he suffered enough? This isn't to say that what the NFL is doing is alright.