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When cold fronts undercut warm air, the pressure gradient increases, and winds shift and become quite gusty -- as high as 50 to miles per hour 80 to kilometers per hour [source: University Corporation and Atmospheric Administration ].

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Additionally, the shifting winds cause turbulence and the high surface temperature creates convective currents at the leading edge of the storm. These forces essentially act to lift particles higher and keep them aloft for longer.

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Synoptically induced storms can carry dust for very long distances. For instance, each year millions of tons of desert dust ride the trade winds from the North African coast to the Caribbean basin [source: U. Geological Survey ].

The summer shamals in the Persian gulf and African sirocco winds are synoptic systems that routinely kick up dust storms that can last as long as five days [source: University Corporation and Atmospheric Administration ]. Mesoscale systems are smaller weather systems that range from 50 to miles 80 to kilometers across [source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ].

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American policymakers were then forced to choose between rescuing the Nationalists or coming to terms with China's Communist government. Their most northerly location was found in cluster 4, along with an extensive low-pressure area supporting strong winds over the Arabian Peninsula. Johnson's medical records down hospital corridor. Dust storms pose serious weather hazards in arid and semiarid regions of the earth. Jochen was so attentive to every detail and I am thrilled to finally have the perfect fit. Similarly the shirt panels with different lengths and separated by vents, bring a Zen touch to the garment and create an interesting movement.

Although smaller than synoptic systems, mesoscale systems don't always generate smaller storms. Wind currents generated on this scale fall into three groups: down-slope winds, gap winds and convection.

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We tested this hypothesis using neodymium isotopes as a tracer of mineral phosphorus contributions to vegetation in the Sierra Nevada, California, where rates of erosion and dust deposition are both intermediate within the global compilation. Neodymium isotopes in pine needles, dust, and bedrock show that dust contributes most of the neodymium in vegetation at the site. Together, the global data sets and isotopic tracers confirm the ecological significance of dust in eroding mountain landscapes.

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This challenges conventional assumptions about dust-derived nutrients, expanding the plausible range of dust-reliant ecosystems to include many temperate montane regions, despite their relatively high rates of erosion and bedrock nutrient supply. Arvin, L.

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Not a hurdle in the horizon with this pattern: a pocket to sew at the front, top stitching and straps to cross. She wears size B. Cart Cart 0. Cross-back apron pattern — DUST.

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