Pregnancy Bedrest: A Journey of Love

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She gladly obliged. So here is how Mama Misty navigated her bed rest journey. I was put on bed rest at 20 weeks due to a short cervix and started seeing a specialist once a week. At 23 weeks I was hospitalized for 4 long stressful weeks… I literally thought I was losing my mind.

Not to mention I live in Texas and he lives in Chicago. It was too late for me to get the cerclage so I was stuck on bed rest until my precious baby girls arrival. At 28 weeks I was able to go back home but continued strict bed rest.

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I engaged in genuine conversations with my mother, who was my daily caregiver, because neither of us had anywhere else to be. I humbly accepted the generosity of family and friends as they gave of themselves and their time, just to be with me and my family. And with these everyday joys, I rediscovered my true faith.

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My doctors are angels on earth; the reality though, is no one knows how your story was written. I prayed hard, I prayed diligently, and over time, I found myself believing everything I hoped for would come to pass. Keep them close, let them lift you, and remember to enjoy the blessing growing inside of you.

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To the Mom on Bedrest

Baby , Health , Kids. Yes, pregnancy cravings are real. During the first half of my pregnancy, I longed for juicy cheeseburgers. As a nearly full-time vegetarian until pregnancy, this meat-craving behavior was unusual. For me, maybe I needed more protein, fat, and iron — three nutrients found in red meat. I made an effort to prepare high-protein meals , including recipes with chicken, fish, and beans.

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Most of the greasy restaurant cheeseburgers I wanted were replaced with leaner, hearty alternatives. These wholesome meals helped curb my cravings by keeping me full and satisfied. To ensure you and your baby get what you need, your diet should include several minerals and nutrients — namely calcium, iron, and folate. Other times I would reach out to new and expectant mamas for encouragement and to share my anxieties.

Coping and Surviving

My obstetrician had steadfastly declined to order it, but another doctor had encouraged me to move very little and, terrified and vigilant, I decided to obey him. Successfully Launch and Operate a Virtual Project Management Office New technology and global businesses and organizations are making virtual project management offices VPMOs more important and more prevalent than ever. In Dr. If the census is high, you might have to make the best of sharing a room! Her sister took over her home day-care business, and her husband, Dave, came home from his computer job at lunchtime to help juggle the cooking, cleaning and caring for their year-old son. But I'm on bed rest, aren't I relaxing all the time?

Above all, establishing a relaxing routine before bed allowed me to find mental and emotional peace — ensuring both baby and I got the recharge we needed. Even though I exercised regularly before becoming pregnant, I had trouble finding the energy and motivation during pregnancy. So I committed to moving at least once per day, and it was the best decision I made.

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And there were days I skipped exercising. I tried not to beat myself up and would start again the next day.

Pregnancy Bedrest: A Journey Of Love

I found that when I pushed myself onto my yoga mat or down the street for a stroll, I felt more energized and slept better. I also felt more prepared for the athletic event that is labor. While most exercises are safe, especially those you did prior to becoming pregnant, there are a few types of workouts you should steer clear of. Any activity where you risk falling, like rock climbing or skiing, should be avoided.

You should also be cautious of high altitudes and any exercises that are done while lying flat on your back. In the second half of my pregnancy, sugar was my main desire.

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For me, that meant avoiding purchasing treats in the first place. I knew that if I bought a box of cookies — which I eyed every time I went to the grocery store — I would devour them in one sitting. This method was effective because instead of having to resist the cookies over and over, there were none to resist!

For you, this might be opting for a brand with less processed ingredients or buying smaller packages instead of wholesale sizes. Water plays an important role in the development of your little one and also helps to form the placenta and the amniotic sac. The Institute of Medicine recommends around 10 cups 2. To help me reach the necessary water intake, I carried around my Nalgene water bottle wherever I went.

Look for a water bottle you enjoy drinking out of. If you get tired of the plain water taste, add produce for flavor like cucumbers, strawberries, lemons, or limes.