Radiotherapy for brain tumors

Radiation therapy for older patients with brain tumors
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Stanford radiation oncologists specialists in treating brain tumors with radiation have years of experience in radiation therapy and specialized training in brain tumor treatment. Our goal is to help you achieve the best possible quality of life.

Our expertise in radiation therapy for brain tumors includes:. Our specialists in radiation oncology are actively involved in research and clinical trials, publish in peer-reviewed journals and speak at conferences.

Brain Tumor: Types of Treatment

By staying at the forefront of brain tumor treatment, our experts bring you the latest, most advanced therapies for better treatment outcomes. Meet your care team. We use a team-based approach to diagnose and treat brain tumors.

Our specialists collaborate during a weekly Brain Tumor Board where they discuss the most complex cases. Our goal is to give you advanced, effective and comprehensive care. We have more experience using CyberKnife — a noninvasive radiation therapy — to treat brain tumors than any other facility in the world.

In fact, we have treated more than 5, patients using the CyberKnife system. We also have the most advanced linear accelerators specialized radiation treatment machines to provide precision radiation therapy using image-guided radiotherapy IGRT and volumetric-modulated arc therapy VMAT.

Learn more about our radiation procedures. At Stanford, our radiation oncologists are pushing the boundaries in using advanced radiosurgery for brain tumor treatment. In many cases, treatments that previously took 6 weeks using conventional radiation can now be completed in just 1 week. Our dedication to advancing care through research enables us to treat people with even the most complex brain tumors. Radiation for Brain Tumors Our neurology and radiation oncology experts use advanced, noninvasive radiation therapy, such as CyberKnife, developed at Stanford to treat brain tumors.

Conditions We Treat Procedures.

How Radiation Therapy Can Affect Different Parts of the Body

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Conditions We Treat. The aim is to remove as much of the tumour as safely as possible without damaging the surrounding brain tissue. The surgeon will remove the tumour and fix the bone flap back into place with metal screws.

Targeted radiotherapy of brain tumours

The skin is closed with either sutures or staples. The Cancer Research UK website has more information about brain tumour surgery.

What Is Radiation Therapy for Brain Tumors?

If you have been diagnosed with a brain tumour, there are a variety of possible treatment options. One of these is radiotherapy. It may be used on its own, or in. Radiotherapy is a common treatment for brain tumours. Find out what happens during and after your radiotherapy.

Some tumours are located deep inside the brain and are difficult to remove without damaging surrounding tissue. Treatment consists of one session, recovery is quick, and an overnight stay in hospital isn't usually needed.

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Radiosurgery is only available in a few specialised centres in the UK. Radiotherapy involves using controlled doses of high-energy radiation , usually X-rays , to kill the tumour cells. It's a powerful medication that kills tumour cells, and can be given as a tablet, injection or drip. You may also be given medication to help treat some of your symptoms before or after surgery, including:. Page last reviewed: 8 June Next review due: 8 June It often depends on whether the surgeon is able to safely remove all of the tumour.