Teachings of a Not-So-Perfect Mom

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When we depart, we shall hail our mothers, fathers, friends, and all whom we love, who have fallen asleep in Jesus. However, my purpose in this world was given to me through all of the difficult times I was able to survive through. My purpose has way more involved then only a career! If there is something you want to achieve, YOU go get it!

Dreams all exist for a reason. Either because it is something that has been ingrained since you were a kid or because it is something developed over time. Whatever the reason is the secret to success is you have to want to achieve it.

I am not a perfect mom but I am a ‘good enough’ mom

Follow your heart and intuition always. The truth is that in order for you to achieve your dream, your purpose, you have to take action. The fact is that it is not going to be easy. There are going to be so many Negative Nancys out there. You will also have many stumbling blocks along the way. The tip I have for you is to learn to ignore the Negative Nancys, recover from those stumbles, and stay consistent. Dreams and purposes change for several reasons, but both require you to follow your heart and intuition. The best reason that they do change is when you have grown and you have improved.

If your path changes along the way please be proud that it did. These are your dreams.

What Makes a Good Mom?

You are following your heart and intuition. Be proud of you! People will talk and judge always.

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Development is the continuous learning of how to handle situations. Follow your heart and intuition and when you feel the tension of the talk this is what you do. Smile, walk away, take some time just for you, and relax your mind.

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Remember your purpose! I have negative talk more than I would like. Sometimes it is even my own negative self-talk. I smile, go to my bedroom, dim the lights, put on awesome diffuser that has this amazing oil to calm my mind, and I remember what my purpose is. My purpose is to improve, grow, succeed, and teach others so that we can all continuously be Improving US! As moms, we usually set all of our dreams to the side to help our little ones follow theirs.

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This is one of the excellent traits we have as mothers. We teach our children something valuable every day and we make sure that they reach their full potential. However, the best leaders teach by example!

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Are your conversations one-sided? Being able to have long meaningful talks is an important aspect in any relationship. Find things you both like to do. It will strengthen your relationship and allow you to do more things together. Having a little space to do what you like and what she likes will allow you to keep things interesting.

If one is too conservative and the other is too liberal, there will be lots of conflict. Are your views on religion, family, etc. These things will become more important issues as you get to know each other and eventually make or break a relationship.

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Find someone who believes in your dreams and one that you believe in their dreams. You are looking for a future partner, not a boss or someone who always needs to do what they want, and your needs are put second. Find someone who understands compromise.

The same goes with her. She needs to have girl time with her friends. In the beginning it may seem great that someone wants you all to themselves, but after a while this behavior will may become toxic and dangerous to your relationship and well-being. No means no and that applies to your own personal comfort level. Make sure you respect women and they are equal in the relationship.

Value her as a person. Never allow a young woman to compromise her integrity while she is intoxicated. Protect her from any regret she might have when she sobers up. Wendy Mogel says that colleges have had so much trouble getting parents off campus after freshman orientation that school administrators have had to come up with strategies to boot them. Despite the spate of articles in recent years exploring why so many people in their 20s seem reluctant to grow up, the problem may be less that kids are refusing to separate and individuate than that their parents are resisting doing so.

And yet, he admitted, even he struggles.

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The Eternal Father and His Son. For parents, giving children the best start in life has come to mean doing everything they can to ensure that their children can climb to a higher class, or at least not fall out of the one they were born into. And happiness is contagious. In fact, you loved it so much that you met someone to have a child with. Reading Exit Ticket Bundle. Genuine displays of affection lead to well-rounded children with greater self esteem.

So instead of being peeved that they ask for help with the minutiae of their days, we encourage it. Kindlon also observed that because we tend to have fewer kids than past generations of parents did, each becomes more precious. So we demand more from them—more companionship, more achievement, more happiness. Which is where the line between selflessness making our kids happy and selfishness making ourselves happy becomes especially thin.

Not to get too shrink-y, but could this be a way for parents to work out their ambivalence about their own competitive natures? Ours is a have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too approach, a desire for high achievement without the sacrifice and struggle that this kind of achievement often requires. When the Tiger Mom looked unsparingly at her parental contradictions, perhaps she made the rest of us squirm because we were forced to examine our own.

Are these parents being too lenient letting the chores slide , or too hard-core teaching that good grades are more important than being a responsible family member?

A few months ago , I called up Jean Twenge, a co-author of The Narcissism Epidemic and professor of psychology at San Diego State University, who has written extensively about narcissism and self-esteem. But, she says, what starts off as healthy self-esteem can quickly morph into an inflated view of oneself—a self-absorption and sense of entitlement that looks a lot like narcissism.

In fact, rates of narcissism among college students have increased right along with self-esteem. Meanwhile, rates of anxiety and depression have also risen in tandem with self-esteem. Why is this? Parents are constantly telling their children how special and talented they are. This gives them an inflated view of their specialness compared to other human beings.

Instead of feeling good about themselves, they feel better than everyone else. In early adulthood, this becomes a big problem. They get into the workplace and expect to be stimulated all the time, because their worlds were so structured with activities. They grew up in a culture where everyone gets a trophy just for participating, which is ludicrous and makes no sense when you apply it to actual sports games or work performance. Who would watch an NBA game with no winners or losers? Should everyone get paid the same amount, or get promoted, when some people have superior performance?

They grew up in a bubble, so they get out into the real world and they start to feel lost and helpless.