The Forgotten Birthday Present (The Adventures of Wheelchair Boy)

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A couple woodsmen take her in and care for her, but when she wakes up, she can't remember who she is and she's pregnant. Her brother comes for her with her husband and they take her home. Along the way they're advised by a healer to not force her to remember anything, of course the husband is impatient. He tries to make her remember and freaks her out, making her think that she was a concubine or something similar and she runs away with her baby I think his name is Adam.

He gives chase, I think he has the medallion, and she puts the medallion back on and remembers everything. Sounds like a plot from VC Andrews. I'm looking for a book, I can't remember the title but, I remember the cover, it had a cat walking through a snowy pathway of trees. I remember it had a bunch of storys in it, for example "How the elephant got its long trunk" and "why the kangaroo jumps". Thats all I remember. Please help.

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Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling? Just So Stories" by Rudyard Kipling. One of my favorite books from childhood and the cat illustration on the front is from the story The Cat Who Walked by Himself. Cant remember the title of the series Submitted by Ottis Deaton not verified on March 18, - pm. I was reading a book in high school that really caught my eye, i never finished it because when we went on break the library got rid of them.

It was about a girl who had lived in the city, but it got over run by a magical forest with magic cats in it and she had to find something that someone lost. I know its vauge, but please help. I would appreciate if you Submitted by Maral not verified on March 29, - pm. I would appreciate if you email me the name of this book when you find it. Thank you. Sounds kind of like the Submitted by Ciara Williams not verified on March 25, - am.

Sounds kind of like the garden of Eden. Except the women in the garden of Eden had an affair with two brothers.

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Please help me find that fiction book from late 80ss Submitted by Nina not verified on March 31, - pm. Dear All, I am trying to find this book for years, I read it a long time ago. The book is fiction and kind of a family saga. A poor girl marries an older man who is from one of the richest US families.

He dies during intercourse, she dresses him up underpants wrongly but it is classified as natural death. After death, she lives with his mother at the family estate. The mother is the classical matriarch.

There is also a brother who conquers the inheritance and position of the new widow. It seems that in her past there was an issue with her father, but her deceased husband had taken care of all before his death. The family estate his huge, with an own orchid greenhouse, a railway station with own train waggon etc.

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He gave his fiancee once a special orchid from the greenhouse and an antique, rare Cartie wristwatch that Cartier NY even tried to purchase back from her. There was a car crash decades ago of the deceased husband and his brother that was caused by the brother but covered up, this was used to keep the brother silent. Can anybody please please help me to find this book? Thank you so much for all help and input! Emmaline is the title Submitted by Grace not verified on April 26, - pm. Emmaline is the title. Name that book Submitted by Sam not verified on May 21, - am. I read a book but have forgotten the title.

In this book a young woman is taken by men in suits one of which turns out to be her cousin and a we're wolf the other a were-leopard with two different eye colors. Well turns out she's half far half were' and falls for the leopard.

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Close View image. In the end it turns out her wish comes true, however the guy she falls in love with is actually her servant who has been there from the beginning. Cutbytheshell22 If you're still looking for the crow book it might be Trickster's Choice by Tamora Pierce. It was about a family moved into a new town and the locals claimed the old woman was a witch. She tries to drown out the voice but no music helps, only radio static so she listens to it very loudly and her dad thinks she's crazy. Freedom Alliance has helped hundreds of military families have a better and more joyful Christmas holiday.

She is kidnapped at the end of the book by another pack member and locked in his basement. Meanwhile leopard and company are frantic trying to find her and she's in his mind some how. I think I remember a bit of fire magic and them finding her but there is a book after and I simply must find out what's next.

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Please help!! Your book could be Could you be thinking of Dead to the World? If you are, you're in for a treat. Also, it wasn't the first, so you have some catching up to do. The novel series is entirely different from the TV version. TV basically only kept the names and vampire aspect, even though it was cool in its own way.

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Help me find this book Submitted by Heidi not verified on June 4, - pm. I saw this post and this is the book I have been searching for.

Did anyone ever find out the title or author. Please e mail me if someone did. Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris. It's not the first either. Also, it's nothing like the TV series. Demon Hunting Journal?! It was a picture book from the perspective of the hunter in the format of a journal, and it basically gave you information on how to kill demons and whatnot. Thank you very much!

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OMG, I've read this! Now you have me wanting to know!


I read this ages ago and I wish I could help you. If someone finds out could you please respond to this too? Thank you! Is it called The Waking? Help me find this book Submitted by Jenifer Martinez not verified on June 10, - pm. Please can you help me find Submitted by victor not verified on June 16, - pm. Trying to find a book Submitted by Shaunna not verified on June 18, - pm. It was a male author. Murder mystery?! I need help!

I read a book about ten years ago about a woman who has a wealthy relative die. What is this book?!