The Method of Selling: Your Key to Successful Sales With Over 70 Creative Selling Techniques

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Beyond just the line-by-line script you're using, this blueprint will set you on the right path for achieving the higher level goal of your cold call—whether that's simply qualifying your lead, booking an appointment, or closing a deal. This blueprint template is a clear way of structuring your cold calling conversations when someone picks up.

It's not just the words you say when it comes to selling, but the tone of your voice. From the beginning, you have to turn a skeptical lead into a trusting customer. How do you do that?


Follow my 3 hacks to boost your confidence and make you sound smarter. Keep reading for more details behind these 3 important hacks: volume, pacing, and body language.

What is strategic account management?

Like it or not, a natural aspect of cold calling is hearing no and learning how to deal with the objections that come up in your conversations. Prepare and practice your answers to these in advance. Most sales reps fear these objections because they derail their sales conversations—especially when cold calling and starting a brand new dialogue with a prospect that doesn't yet trust you.

But YOU will look forward to hearing them because they help you move the sale ahead. This is a seemingly most innocuous tactic that prospects often use to interrupt a sales conversation. Pretty early on in the cold call, many people will ask you, "Can you send me some more information? I'll review it and get back to you. New and insecure sales reps eagerly oblige: "Of course!

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I'll send it your way. Maybe one or two timid follow-ups, and they file the lead away as a lost cause. Well, here's what you should do to instead get more deals from your cold calling campaigns. They launch into a pitch way too early, without first understanding what the prospect wants and if your offering will genuinely be able to help them at all. Here's how you can figure out a the exact right moment when you should deliver your pitch and b how to customize your pitch when cold calling so that it makes your prospect want to buy from you.

Once you've got a decision maker on the phone, how do you captivate and keep their attention?

It's not enough that they hear you speak—you have to make them really listen, otherwise your cold calling campaigns won't net any results for your bottom line. Some people possess the charisma and showmanship that naturally mesmerizes their listeners. If you don't, you'll need to master the mechanics of getting attention. Here's a simple 3-step process to get your message across when cold calling.

Entrepreneurs often struggle when they start cold calling.

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They hate calling people, feeling like they're interrupting their day in order to drum up business, and they're not very good at it either. Their approach is too timid and they give up too soon when they encounter resistance. They don't manage objections well, and fail to produce results. It's not a lack of skills that trip them up, but instead cold calling reluctance and insecurity which is natural when you're starting out.

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Here's a confidence hack to help you overcome this fear. Being successful in sales with an accent can be challenging—I know firsthand. Having grown up in Germany as the child of Greek immigrants, I moved to the US in my 20s, and I had a terrible accent. Yet, not only have I learned how to close many millions of dollars in deals, I've also taught others how to do the same. In this post I share my best advice on selling with an accent.

Don't let your accent get to you and in the way of closing more deals. Just use my practical, simple advice to sell like a champ, no matter how bad your accent might seem. Sitting at your desk, cold calling for hours, can turn into a rut.

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Dialing leads, trying to get to decision makers, hearing the same objections again and again Here's why you should never give in to distractions , and how to regain your focus when other tasks begin to drift into focus while you're in the middle of a cold calling campaign. The best way to get better at cold calling is to make a lot of calls, and learn from every call. But most sales people are never taught how to effectively evaluate a call. Instead, they focus on the level of rapport they've achieved with the prospect.

How to Sell Any Product (Tutorial + 7 Creative Sales Techniques)

You have to look beyond that and understand what does and doesn't define a successful sales call. Use this process to quickly evaluate the quality of every sales call within less than one minute—you'll never be left guessing or wondering how well a call went again. When cold calling goes wrong, a particularly painful rejection can totally deflate your sales soul. But don't forget, failure is a guaranteed part of your sales process—not every prospect in every unique situation will be a good fit for your solution. Here's how to stay buoyant when confronted with failure or ill-tempered prospect who reacts abusively to you when cold calling.

Want to get better results from your cold calling efforts? Want to know how you're doing in different stages of your sales process? These benchmarks will tell you! Should you focus on crafting a better sales pitch? Or rather work on a more effective opening? There are many opportunities to optimize your cold calling process, and this post provides a framework to identify where you can get the biggest wins with your B2B cold calling efforts.

Hint: Many times, the answer is to start at the top of the funnel and make more calls. The right technology, for example a predictive dialer , can often help to make the necessary changes. A great salesperson is never satisfied and always on the hunt for more.

Here are the exact numbers you should be aiming to hit at each step of your sales email and sales calling funnels. To make a time-consuming task even worse, the typical voicemail sucks! Then, potential clients have to listen to the voicemail three to four times, just to write down the callback number.

A good voicemail sparks interest. Revamp your cold calling voicemail messages right now! When you're cold calling dozens even hundreds of people throughout the day, you'll end up in many people's voicemail. And nothing gets more annoying than saying the same words to a thousand different answering machines. So, just record one perfect voicemail message in Close, and whenever you hear that BEEP, click a button and your pre-recorded optimized voicemail will be played back, while you can switch over to join the next cold call.

You know the power of the phone in sales, but did you think about actually texting your prospects?

That's a HUGE number, so why not add this to your toolkit? There are so many reasons why SMS can change your sales game. For one, no other medium has the reach rate of text messaging. Emails might get caught up in spam, phone calls might go unanswered—but text messages almost always get read. You can easily increase your reach rates with prospects by using built-in SMS with Close.

1. Set goals for Facebook

With just one click, you can send an SMS to your leads in Close right away or schedule them for a later date. It makes keeping in touch and engaging with leads easier than ever before. You can also review your SMS activity and gain a better understanding of how effective SMS can be for you or your sales team.

If you're ready to start texting your leads today, sign up for a free day trial of Close. But, how can you effectively use it when sales emails are already so powerful? We highlight six ways you can use SMS to nurture leads without being creepy and close more deals. Also, take note that texting prospects is all about making a deeper, personal connection that goes beyond email.

If you've read most of our articles here about cold calling, this is a good way of tying it all together and consuming the information in a different fashion, to deepen your takeaways. Many sales reps are tired of wasting time leaving voicemails or waiting for leads to give them a call back. But, how do you get that 36 hours back each month? Using a powerful tool called a sales dialer. Make life easier and invest in this tool to make you more efficient with sales. Learn more about sales dialers , what they are, how they work, and why they should be part of your sales strategy.

This creates a great opportunity to then follow up with adding your warm leads into a cold calling campaign of those prospects who opened your email. But don't make the mistake most sales reps make when doing these cold calling exercises. When you're cold calling a prospect and they want to know the price of your offering, how do you respond?