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The level of abuse is huge. MeToo paves the way for discussion and increases the awareness about the issue.

SHIT ITALIAN MOMS SAY 2 (Daniel Franzese)

After Albania, you chose Sardinia as the setting for your story. It's something more than just a location, it's a driving force of the narration. I work on the script for a long time, approximately two years. I try to live the place.

Italian Supreme Court: full recognition of two mothers

I got to Sardinia led by my instinct first. It's a disarming, melancholic landscape that reminded me of my characters. It's a land with a very strong identity that is protected by its inhabitants. It's divided between opening and closure, it has a complex relationship with the outside, with the continent.

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In fact, Sardinia mirrors the identity journey of the characters. Eventually I opted for a slight Sardinian accent, and not for the dialect. There's not a fixed rule as the film stars Italian actors, Sardinian actors, and non-professional actors.

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After a film shot in Albanian, I didn't want to use a thick dialect or give a stereotyped image of Sardinia. Sara is Sardinian but has Irish colours as I looked for a girl who could have a physical resemblance with Alba. For the role of Tina I also thought about a potential Sardinian actress, but then I chose Valeria, who was trained by a coach, Maria Loi.

I did auditions for 8 months as I needed a young girl who could face complex things both at a technical and a psychological level. The film has complex long takes. Some girls started crying during the audition already.

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Tina is represented as a woman who is very devout to the Holy Mary, and who goes often to church. That's an element we lightened compared to the script.

But in Sardinia there are women called "prioresse" who dedicate themselves to the Holy Mary, and bring her home too. Valeria and I often went to church to better understand this aspect. There's also a western-like side of the story, that by the way opens with a rodeo scene.

I also think that these women have a strong masculine element, also when they compete with each other. In Sardinia breeding horses is a tradition. The rodeo exists for real, and we needed it to give the opening scene an archairc yet pop feeling as well as to show the world the two protagonists. Then there's competition between them, that's true. And a lot of dust.

I met Udo as I was travelling all over the world with Sworn Virgin. He fascinated me. He told me about Fasbinder. His presence could broaden the mosaic of narration. Same goes for Michele Carboni, who is a real shepherd and had some acting experience with Mereu before. The film convey their philosophy: "Against aggressiveness and violence, we need poetry and tenderness. A fearless life. Imprese Roma — P.

Iva Versione italiana. Home Interviews Laura Bispuri: "Torn between two mothers, looki Laura Bispuri: "Torn between two mothers, looking for an identity".

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As the current law on assisted reproductive techniques has already been found by the Italian Constitutional Court to represent but a choice among many possibilities open to the Parliament to opt for, heterologous insemination i. Starting then and with every subsequent movie, Mrs. During pregnancy, fetal blood sampling for platelet count measurements was not done. How perfect. Lil tearfully insists that she and Tom tried to stop, but could not keep away from each other.

Laura, how did this story of biological and symbolic maternity begin? What do your think of the MeToo movement? Did you look at the issue of the language the characters have to speak? In general, the diagnosis must be made clinically and management is empiric. Because of the autosomally inherited nature of these disorders, peripartum management must take into account the risk of bleeding for both mother and baby, during the pregnancy and at delivery.

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Study Purpose: To describe the peripartum management and bleeding complications in pregnant women with suspected inherited macrothrombocytopenic disorders and their children. Study Design: We performed a retrospective review of all mothers referred to our tertiary care hospital from to for evaluation of macrothrombocytopenia in pregnancy where hereditary thrombocytopenia was suspected. The diagnosis was confirmed if at least 2 of the following clinical features were present:. Data relating to bleeding and therapies used to treat or to prevent bleeding before or during delivery for mother and child were extracted from medical charts.

Blood films were reviewed with experts in morphology, and diagnostic testing was performed when possible.


Results: A total of 5 mothers and 8 babies were included. One mother and her baby had neutrophilic Dohle body inclusions, and none had skeletal, neurologic or renal abnormalities. Three mothers were previously treated with IVIG, including one who also received prednisone, with no platelet count response. During pregnancy, fetal blood sampling for platelet count measurements was not done.

None of the mothers had epidural anesthesia, all delivered vaginally and 7 of 8 labours were induced. Prophylactic platelet transfusions were not given. One mother had bleeding associated with spontaneous rupture of membranes, and one had a post partum hemorrhage associated with uterine atony and vaginal laceration.

Conclusions: The frequency of pregnancy-related bleeding in mothers with hereditary macrothrombocytopenia was low in this cohort even in the absence of prophylaxis.

How my TWO mothers learned to love each other

There is a need for improved diagnosis and risk stratification of mothers with hereditary macrothrombocytopenia. A multicentre prospective study would assist in determining optimal peripartum management. Sign In or Create an Account. User Tools. Sign In.

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