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So You Created a Wormhole: The Time Traveler's Guide to Time Travel
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Sign in or Open in Steam. Includes 15 Steam Achievements. Publisher: Elknight. Share Embed. Add to Cart. About This Game Text Wormhole is a dodge game of bullet hell generated by the roguelike way dynamically based on the theme of letters, which adopts the minimalist design style.

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Introduction: Players need to dodge bullet letters and find the same letters as theirs in the shortest time, so as to enter the next round of the game. The difficulty will gradually increase, and the algorithm generated dynamically is used in each round. The player who finishes this game from A to Z in the shortest time will be the world champion! Features: Limitless charm, and fast pace The speed is very rapid, and a lot of interference letters will show up in each round. Players need to pass the level one after another with only one life.

If you hit the wrong letter, you fail! Diverse challenges This game sets over 50 levels, which are combined randomly. Expect what you will encounter for your next challenge! The exploration of visual art The magic music and the crazy pictures bring you to an unprecedented game experience. The original idea of this game came from the team member Harvey Jackson, and this program was his personal project about the course Visual Poetics and Narrative in his postgraduate period. We were shocked by the visual effect, and so we decided to start this challenging project.

Two-player mode and fight with your friend! This game supports two players, and quickly invite your friends to challenge it together. Survival mode At the same time, we provide a super difficult survival mode for the veterans of bullet hell, and each round is a purgatory mode. In addition, the game is also equipped with a wealth of content expansion. In the meanwhile, we will release more game modes and levels, so please look forward to them!

See all. For example, if we ever find a way to tap into huge sources of energy, like the very promising Zero Point Energy that I mention in my report Parallel Universes , then we will be one step closer to opening a wormhole. This said theoretically there are very good reasons to believe that these wormholes exist and that they could be use to travel. Even better, we do not have to limit ourselves to what Kip Thorne said about his wormholes because we do not know much about the forms that wormholes could take and how they would operate.

At the moment it is believed that in the middle of each galaxy there could be a giant black hole sucking everything in like in a sink. All the stuff, planets, stars, etc.

With a sufficient amount of energy you could open a wormhole without the need for a black hole, you could connect two places in the universe by warping space. Here is what I say in my report Time Travel :. The universe is like a sheet of rubber all distorted depending on the speed you are travelling at and the gravity surrounding you.

It is not something linear or anything like what you are seeing when you look at the sky. It is all bumpy, and if a star is massive enough, gravity surrounding it is great, making a curvature in space, and eventually a hole if it is massive enough. Theoretically, a huge amount of energy could open a hole in space and bring you somewhere else in the universe instantly, because the universe is so weirdly shaped that if two places are really distorted the configuration of the universe could link those two places together.

Now, if you could somehow control this with some future technology, you could open wormholes even if most likely you would be crushed.

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DVD reissue in , there are 31 commentary tracks and all the special features were carried over from the previously released DVD editions. He was there. Set in the near future, a crew of astronauts travels through a wormhole to find a suitable new planet for humanity, experiencing time dilation on multiple occasions. World Without End. Three people were unaffected by the change but are unable to do anything until Ba'al and the system lords arrive. Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann. The comics featured two stories, each spanning both issues.

Negative Mass or Exotic Matter. Negative mass and exotic matter are theoretical concepts. In my mind, the negative is not exactly negative. The mass in the universe is also relative and changing from your point of view. Anything going faster than the speed of light cannot be seen by us, it then becomes Exotic Matter or of a Negative Mass, because it appears to exist even though we cannot see it.

So the missing mass of the universe, or Dark Matter, is not really missing, it is there, we just don't see it.

These are my ideas from my own theories, no one else would tell you something like that. The Missing Mass is one of the Grail quests of physics. I remember reading in the Star Trek Technical book that they invented some sort of Exotic Matter to maintain their wormhole open since this is impossible to justify in the actual science of today.

Ok, as I mentioned about the negative mass, it is something you would need in order for a wormhole to be stable and stay open.

WormHole. Guns Hit (Spanish Edition)

The thing is, that exotic matter with a negative mass that may have existed at the time of the Big Bang is just as theoretical than the wormholes themselves. So, in my own theory of how the wormhole is possible, I don't get into this negative energy, because it is impossible to justify. You would need it to keep it open, but you don't really need to talk about it they don't on Star Trek Deep Space Nine or barely as the Aliens inside are how the wormhole exist and can be used. One way or the other, you cannot really say that the experiment created exotic matter of a negative mass, no one knows how such things could be created, and it would be very difficult if not impossible to create as much as is needed for a big wormhole.

That is why they were hoping to find it in a natural state in nature. But that has not happened yet.

Calaméo - Physics of the Impossible

WormHole. Gun's Hit (Spanish Edition) - Kindle edition by Charles A.R. Byrne, Charles A.R: Byrne. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. A Wormhole in Jindalee The Wormhole Series Parts 1 to 4 Yes, you get WormHole Guns Hit Spanish Edition Guns Illustrated The Latest Guns Specs.

Please read in my report something I found on the Internet and that is clear about the subject. The section is called Articles about Wormholes. My idea is that times are co-existing. Now, some sort of wormhole or Einstein-Rosen bridge, if you wish to use a synonym could connect two times already co-existing. Even though I would prefer to talk about the amount of energy necessary to create one, instead of the negative mass. Also because negative mass of exotic matter is only one solution to create a wormhole, there are some others.

So ultimately you could forget that hypothetical mass or exotic matter, but you would still need a huge amount of energy in any case. As well, if two times are co-existing already, there is not really any need for this negative mass, because it is obvious that naturally we have reached a breakthrough in science that can connect different times without the use of those impossible wormholes which, REMEMBER!!!

So I would use wormholes if you need them, because who knows, it could be possible that such a manifestation could permit shifting between two times when the two times are not exactly and completely co-existing together, but I would forget the actual theoretical way of explaining how these wormholes are possible.

Because from my point view and according to my theories, they would be something different than the normal way of explaining what they are. My wormholes are not your usual Contact Kip Thorne wormhole. It is some sort of manifestation of the shift between two co-existing and different times. Now, you can show that the way you want, but you need to be careful about how you explain it.

As I said before, they are not needed.

Star Z-70B: Spain's Improved SMG

And believe me, it is easier for you to explain everything without using Contact wormholes explanation. Wormholes connecting two different points.

Wormhole Created in Lab Makes Invisible Magnetic Field

Spacetime can bend in order for two points in space and time to be linked together. In this case it is less a bending of the timeline than a problem in the balance of the gravity surrounding the Earth in two different times in history. As well the Speed at which the solar system is going at in those two particular times, and the geomagnetic fields of the Earth getting involved with the magnetic fields of the experiment. And I have plenty more ideas that could be explored. Like communication between two worlds the one of the past and the one of the present , transportation via shifts and will, discovery of other times than those two, understanding why those two particular times are linked together and therefore, by calculating the actual gravity and speed of the solar system, you could in theory link your time to another one and have your own time machine.

Anti-gravity is another possibility, I will have to get back to you about how to proceed about this and how it could be incorporated in a story. As well, all the idea of modifying the timeline or affecting future events whilst in the past.

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Wormholes Facts vs. Science Facts. Since using wormholes are not exactly proven science, your guess about how they work is as good as mine. Since Contact, wormholes can exist. If you can produce more energy than we can today, like an enormous amount of energy, you can. That is why the knowledge of these aliens was essential, because we cannot do that today.

The problem is that you would need to generate the wormhole artificially. I cannot really think how it could happen by itself, and grab the right people at a convenient time. If you wish to go along with a vortex and a wormhole, it would be more difficult to see it as a natural phenomenon and harder to justify using my explanation of the experiment.

Playing around with natural phenomena like magnetic fields would not really create vortex and wormholes. In fact, nothing could create such things unless you do a leap of faith like in Contact: a lot and a lot of energy could open a hole, no more explanation necessary.